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[COCONET BULLETIN] Upcoming intensive - further instructions

Reminder: This is a two day intensive spread out over three days in order to maintain our usual level of vigilance. Please review the attached schedule for your stations during breaks if not already previously assigned.

Here are the locations for assembly. Refer to your group's schedule and report at the noted hour. 

TECH: Tom's den
WEAPONS: My house (communal breakfast) followed by Pylon W-8
COMBAT: Village center, then follow Richard

Bring any weapons personally issued to you to both my and Richard's sessions.

Re: questions about the limitations on Internet usage. May I remind you that all steps taken are following the recommendations of the TEC and pursuant discussion. This was a community decision-making process wherein we agreed that visitation access to the world wide web was allowable for surveillance purposes, but that any engagement with outsiders through that medium had danger written all over it.   

I think I've been very magnanimous considering my original stance on this whole idea. Now that I have Wikipedia and the ability to edit it unlike the rest of you, I'm all in favor If you want to be able to get a Facebook and Tweet and so on, I'd be happy to let Jacob know where your priorities lie.

Should you prefer to share in the same mundane, purposeless existence that drives 99% of "social networking," the sub will be departing shortly after the intensive so Richard can carry out some critical work. You are welcome to leave with him, but you will not be welcome to return. Ever again. 

I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time voting on the quality of "LOLcats" at four in the morning and wondering what your life could have been.      

Any further questions/comments, please reserve for your tech session.
After Mikhail's done with you all, you will be able to competently explain IP masking. You will also understand the correct protocols for using SMS. You will even learn how to use some of the nifty apps Mikhail has built us. I'm particular to Island Sounds. It's a lovely companion to offset the dank, metallic quiet of the stations we are called on to man.

That's all. I'm headed back to work with Richard. And Mikhail. All communications directives still apply. Don't contact me short of high level emergency. 

Examples -
High level emergency: A plane crashes on the Island - it's happened before
NOT a high level emergency: You are running low on baking soda. Kitchen emergencies do not apply, though I do frequently consider them to be very serious
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